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Development of a Manual on African Geographical Indications (GIs), in English and French

EUIPO, as the implementing agency for the “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Action for Africa” project (AfrIPI), funded by the European Union, is currently developing a Manual on African Geographical Indications (in English and French), containing the following information:

  1. GIs registrations in Africa, national GIs lists, projects under implementation (including the EU strategy), OAPI and ARIPO activities, regional and international negotiations related to GIs, perspectives related to the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement and current needs of African GIs (especially in terms of GIs associations and controls).
  2. Good practices and GIs success stories from developing countries and emerging economies to address the shortfalls identified in analysis of current needs in the field of African GIs (including analysis and recommendations on functional GIs associations and effective controls). Such examples will be selected to be useful for OAPI and ARIPO member countries as well as non-member countries from North Africa as well as South Africa. 
  3. The importance of sustainability with regards to GIs and how they can improve the economic conditions of the agricultural sector in Africa.



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