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Casamance, Senegal

Launch of GI Training by Action: Madd de Casamance

As identified by the Consultative Committee for the Continental Strategy for Geographical Indications in Africa, the EUIPO organized a targeted training activity on GIs in cooperation with OAPI, called “Training by Action: Madd de Casamance”.

The main objectives of this training were to reinforce the capacities of the actors of the value chain of a potential GI, called Madd of Casamance, to the problematic of the “cahier de charges” of a GI product and to help them to structure a GI group owner, such as a GI association.

For this reason, a two-day training took place in Casamance region, Senegal, on 12-13 June 2019. Participants were local GI Madd Casamance producers and rural associations, as well as government officials in charge of GIs and IP rights. The training was conducted by a GI expert from CIRAD, with the cooperation of local experts.•

The training by action was successful and the participants were more than expected. It was in line with the work who has already been done in the region in relation with Madd Casamance potential GI. This training will be also being taken into account for future projects in the region.



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