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Launch of GIView

Launch of GIView

The European Commission and EUIPO, launched GIView on the 25th November 2020, during the online conference “Strengthening Geographical Indications”. GIview provides a single entry point for data on GIs registered in the EU, as well as on GIs in non-EU GIs protected at EU level through bilateral and multilateral agreements, and on EU GIs protected in non-EU countries.

This tool is continually updated with official registered data from the European Commission (Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development) and is developed and maintained by the EUIPO.

GIview contains data such as GI type (PDO, PGI, GI), priority date, legal status, basis of protection in relation to all GIs covering wines, spirit drinks and aromatised wines, agricultural products and foodstuffs protected at EU level. A special feature of GIView is that it is made open to national authorities and to producer groups to upload extended data, such as the contact data of the GI producer groups and control bodies, maps, photographs of the product, product description, the geographical area, sustainability statements, and other information. This is designed both to maximize information about GIs, and to directly assist anti-fraud authorities who will easily see the descriptions and photos of genuine product and be able to directly contact the concerned authorities and the producer group of the genuine product in case of an investigation.


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