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Right of use

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Use of the Information is regulated as follows:

Anyone visiting this Website with the intent to access the information contained therein (hereinafter the ‘Users’) may:

  • distribute or reproduce the Information as long as the Website is credited as its source and prominent mention is made to its free availability;
  • create adaptations, translations, conversions, modifications or other derivative work based on the Information provided that
  • reasonable steps have been taken to label or demarcate the alterations or otherwise clearly indicate that changes have been made to the original Information; and
  • the author of the Information and/or the party credited as its provider - whichever appears on the Website - is mentioned, and the Website is cited as its source; and
  • the right to reproduce and distribute any such adaptation is explicitly granted to any third party, under the same conditions as provided herein;
  • use deep linking techniques to reach specific pages of the Website beyond the home page.

Users shall not:

  • perform any activity that could harm or violate security of the Website, and, in particular, upload files containing viruses or other malware that might damage the operation of another user's computer;
  • use integration techniques such as framing and inline linking with the Website and the Information therein;
  • use the information and personal data made available on the Website for contacting data subjects for any commercial purpose unrelated to the official registration of their marks or for any other illegal or misleading activity.

The foregoing licence does not cover Information to which any granted or pending intellectual property right other than copyright apply (e.g. trade marks, designs and database rights). In that case, and whenever a commercial use is required, users are encouraged to seek specific and explicit permission from the concerned right-holder(s). The foregoing licence does not cover any information provided by the means of a hyperlink. The usage of any material, data and files provided by means of hyperlink is governed by the relevant legal notices of the source webpage.

Under no circumstance shall the users use the logo or the official name and credentials of the project stakeholders to imply affiliation, endorsement or other official link to them without prior written and formal authorisation.


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